Monday, July 11, 2016

week 12

One of the greatest traits in a successful businessman is what he does for others. While many say that you cannot be wealthy if you give to others, I know this to not be true. God blesses those who serve others. One of the things that I constantly recognize, and consequently thank my Heavenly Father for is the success and financial stability that he has given me. All of my success has been given to me from above, and I must always remember that. Humility goes a long way in the world of business.
One of the articles stated that trust is fragile in business and one must always remember that. I have a distributor that I order quite a bit of product from who has fallen out of us trusting them. Because of this, we do not order as much from him, and place our orders with others. The lack of trust has hurt both parties. We sometimes struggle finding hard to get product from other distributors, and his sales numbers are obviously down. But trust is everything. If you cannot trust someone who you are doing business with, nothing good will come of it. The Harvard article that talked about it was very interesting to me. 
The name of that article is: Whats a business for?

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