Friday, April 22, 2016

Business week 1/ journal entry week 1

To set down such choice experiences that my own writings may inspire me and at last I may make wholes of parts . . . Each thought that is welcomed and recorded is a nest egg, by the side of which more will be laid.

Henry David Thoreau, journal entry for January 22, 1852

When it comes to blogging, I am about experiences. That is why I started my fishing blog years ago. It was a blog to share my experiences with others,  and not really for myself in any way. This blog that I am starting for my business class will be for myself! It is for my thoughts and experiences, and a way for me to publish and remember things that are important to me. 

I will admit right up front, I was not very excited about having to blog for this class. I have came across other students from time to time who said it was worthless to them. I always said, I will never take a class that makes me blog. Well, here I am, I am blogging, and I am excited to do it. I feel that it will help me in business and break me out of my comfort zone. I hope you all enjoy my posts. In order for me to post them here i feel it is safe to say that I did as well.