Friday, July 22, 2016

my final thoughts

My most important realization from taking this course is the importance of making sure that your business career never takes priority over your family. If you do not have a family currently, I urge you to never stop searching. Never let your work consume you entirely. If you currently have a family, make sure that you spend the needed time with them not only for their benefit but also for your own. Make sure that you attend important family events, even if it means you cannot accomplish what needs done at work. I do not believe that the following thought was ever stated during the duration of this class, but it is something that I have thought about continually. The reason that family is so important in business is because being an entrepreneur or a manager of some sort will not be easy. It will be hard, time consuming and sometimes frustrating. The only way that one can find true success and happiness while in a position like this is to rely on family to give them the strength and the drive to do well. While some may not agree with this, I personally feel very strongly that this is very true. I have seen it in my own life and career thus far and I know that I will continue to see it in greater amounts in the future.

Another very important principle taught to me this semester is that of making sure that you surround yourself with a strong, reliable, smart, and diverse team. This will always provide a measure of success that will not otherwise be had. In order to be a successful entrepreneur, you must first realize that you will not find success by yourself. There will always be a need for others and you must be willing to accept that. This does not mean that you cannot be in charge. A good leader allows others to do the work needed as well as the work that they are good at particularly, but makes sure that it is done right and done in the best way possible. One thing to remember is that you need them in order to achieve success, so make sure you always are kind, and show them that you are a team and that you truly do care for them. They should be your support system for you, you are the foundation that holds them up, but without them, you are just a useless foundation. 

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