Sunday, June 19, 2016

week 9

In this week’s readings on that stuck out to me was called Message to Garcia. It spoke about the rarest of all skills, the ability to execute. I feel that this is crucial to any success. If one cannot execute in whatever capacity they are in, they cannot find success. I see this in my current career. I am in a buying position for the company, if I do not make sure that I execute the needed purchases for the company, the product is not available for sale in our store. As a result of not having needed product, the store does not make the sales needed to turn a profit. Along with the ability to execute comes the ability to designate jobs/tasks. Often, because you just want to make sure that things that need to be done ultimately get done, you do them yourself. This will hamper success. You need to make sure that you have people around you that are competent and that you can delegate tasks to.

I also feel that my enrollment in BYU-Idaho and the classes that I have taken thus far have truly been a benefit to me. Elder Bednar says that this university is a disciple preparation center. The oxford dictionary says that a disciple is one who follows or attends upon another for the express purpose of learning. That is how we find success, we learn from others and then we become good at executing what we have learned. 

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